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AIM vs. the competition:

A viable solution worth your Independent Agency's time.

Let's face it; the insurance industry is competitive. How does the independent agent compete with Super Bowl advertisements and large companies spending $350 per click from a Google search? Well, it's not impossible. In fact, the independent agent can be highly successful in growing an agency with a modest marketing budget directed in the proper ways. The independent agency has many advantages that the big guys don't (e.g. multiple products, local presence, and the ability to move quickly). As an independent agent, you know these things; you understand the need for marketing to grow and understand the gap between your budget and what the big guys are spending. Time also is likely your most precious commodity. That is where AIM comes in. AIM helps get your phone ringing with prospective customers, walk-ins, and social media engagement. We also assist in identifying, gaining, and developing referral partners.

Direct Mail

Very simply, we identify your prospective buyers, create customized impactful marketing communications that contain your specific quote information and mail them to your most aspirational clients' month after month. It's marketing done for you with on-line tools and tracking that make it easy to measure your return on investment.

Our service will generate sales leads and brand awareness for your business exclusively in the zip codes you select by performing six important tasks which are accessed and managed via your login on our secure web portal:

  • Identification and delivery of current county assessor homeowner prospects and their relevant data month after month.
  • A filtering process for focusing on aspirational clients by zip code.
  • Customized design, printing, and mailing of your unique color quote to aspirational clients around their renewal date or a date and timing of your choosing.
  • Automated call response tracking, quick response code tracking, and on-line reporting.
  • A recurring return on investment that can be as great as 3:1.
  • Exclusive access to agent acquired zip codes with Advanced Insurance Marketing.

Social Media

In the beginning, there was Direct Mail, until one day. The internet was born, a decade later we had FB, and social media began to disrupt standard marketing campaigns like TV, Magazines, and Newspapers.

In the past few years, marketing has become more digital based and mobile ready. AIM was born to incorporate a synergy of the old and new. AIM integrates social engagement into direct mail to help our clients build relationships within their corresponding communities creating physical and digital touchpoints.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by social media for your business, and it can consume a significant amount of your precious time. However, the truth is that social media is both a necessary and an efficient form of marketing for independent insurance agents. If done correctly, social media marketing can help expand your reach to prospective clients, including the next generation of prospects. People turn to social media to research their options for insurance, as well as research their options regarding who they buy from. Establishing a presence and developing connections and relationships through social media channels helps the independent insurance agent 'level the playing field' with the larger institutions and in many instances, can give them an advantage through the personal connections they make.

To be effective on social media, you'll need to have a good strategy, and you need to be able to engage consistently. For most independent insurance agents, it makes sense to outsource social media marketing to a company like Advanced Insurance Marketing. We know and understand your industry and clients. AIM has a professional team dedicated to the successful implementation of a proven social selling strategy for your agency.

Our service is simple, effective and turn-key

What Our Clients Have To Say

Jim Johnson - Independent Insurance Agent

"I have tried other direct mail companies before but none that make it this simple. You guys deliver, the calls come in month after month. The Agent Portal makes it easy to follow my leads. It's been a great experience with you!"

Services We Offer

AIM is an affordable solution for any insurance agent looking to build their brand within their local sales market.

AIM likes to think that our job is to help agents sell themselves in an authentic, immersive way attracting new clientele by targeting upcoming policy renewal deadlines in the Independent Agent's local community.

Print and Mail Service

Ongoing printed and mailed communications to aspirational clients month after month.



Phone Call and QR Code tracking made easy for you with our intelligent web portal.


Superior Data

AIM acquires the most up-to-date assessor data and provide sophisticated filtering for you to get the most desired outcome.


Social Media Marketing

We can take charge of your social media footprint to get you a better web presence to drive business into your agency.


Our Philosophy

AIM is an Industry Specific Direct Mail and Social Media Marketing Company, Helping Independent Insurance Agents Generate Inbound Leads

Advanced Insurance Marketing (AIM) is a vital mix of four synergies: Direct Mail Marketing, Technology, Social Media Marketing, and Analytics to provide independent insurance agents with the tools needed to increase property and casualty insurance sales. AIM uses innovative data extraction methodologies created and developed by our team of information technology experts. AIM fosters and supports independent insurance agents, helping them to execute current direct mail marketing and social media trends to drive healthy business development within their local communities.

Road to Success

Get on the road to success...

AIM understands the current road blocks that Independent Insurance Agents face these days. Our Agents face stiff competition from Major carriers, such as Allstate, State Farm or Farmers who have Multi-Million dollar marketing departments.

Is your Agency ready to hit the open road with the tools for success? Let us help accelerate your growth potential!


Advanced Insurance Marketing has a suite of services that help independent agents succeed.

From direct mail marketing and social media marketing to superior data and tracking services, AIM has many solutions to help your agency skyrocket to the next level.

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